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With the biggest smile, from ear-to-ear, on Morgan’s tiny little Down Syndrome face, she  says, “Father, I can do this!”

Within days Morgan not only named her company, Aunt M Designs; she also designed and created her very own logo which includes a ladybug for her late grandmother; created her tee-shirt design; and flyer/poster to promote her school’s very first spiritware. Taking the back seat to his daughter; her graphic designer father became a production artist taking direction from his new Art Director daughter. Together they created an order form which grew from just Tee-Shirts to include ladies V-neck shirts, long-sleeved tees, and of course the ever popular hoodies, too.  Morgan delivered her first order of Spiritware Shirts to her school, echoing U in time for Christmas.

Because she truly knows no stranger, Morgan finds every opportunity to sell her tee-shirts to everybody she meets and is currently directing the development of her business card and the building of her website with a brochure on the horizon.  However Morgan’s creative design work does not stop there; she is involved in creating ongoing spiritware flyers; and she is the sole driving force of the sales and she assists with the delivery and distribution of all apparel. 

Since delivering her first order; echoing U has placed two additional orders and Morgan is currently working on an exclusive Spring Camp shirt and a Spring/Summer shirt. Aunt M Designs has sold tee-shirts to her Church’s youth ministry and is working with several local business owners to design and provide shirts to promote their business. 

As Morgan has seen her shirts delivered and seeing her classmates and church friends wearing ‘her shirts’ it has really fueled her imagination. Morgan has told her classmates that when they graduate they can work in her Tee-Shirt Factory! Additionally it seems as though Morgan has not given up the dream to have her very own art gallery someday…who knows maybe it will be in the lobby of Aunt M Designs’ tee-shirt factory.

2015   |    Simply put Aunt M is a twenty-five year old teenager with a big o’ heart filled with unconditional love for God and others.  Aunt M is Morgan Alexandra Rose Stoddard the upbeat ‘social-butterfly’ of her family. Because Morgan does not know a stranger it is quite the joy to see her totally light up a room with her huge over-the-top personality. 

Morgan has grown up with art around her and has longed desired to be an artist like her parents and two older brothers.  In fact, at a very early age she named her family’s greeting card business, GraphyCards, which she has created several cards throughout the years. She attends a weekly art class and always, always gives her art to friends and family members as gifts.

One fall day in 2014, while attending a business meeting with her father, who owns a graphic design company, Morgan struck up a conversation with one of the company’s employees.  When it was time to go, Morgan announces that she is not ready to go yet. She explained that she is talking business about having them print ‘her’ tee-shirts for her to sell to her classmates at college [her school].

Sure enough as Morgan is persistent; she did not let this go. It was all she talked about for the next few weeks explaining, over-and-over-again, her tee-shirt design; her tee-shirt company and how she was going to make money selling tee-shirts.  Then it happened, at her school quarterly meeting, her teachers and school staff mentioned that Morgan has been talking a lot about her ‘Tee-Shirt Company’ and selling tee-shirts to her classmates. Her parents were quickly interrupted, when they offered to have the shirts made and given to her classmates, by the school director stating; “Oh no! We want Morgan to make and sell them to the school for all the students.”  At that moment not only was Morgan’s dream thrust full-throttle forward—the school’s ‘spiritware’ program was born. 

MORGAN’S DREAM: The Story of Aunt M Designs